Why should we do this?

why should we do the internship

Number of working men are more than number of working women . We are taking initiative towards promoting women employment , with proper safety and benefit , and all over growth of women’s and by giving them proper self defense training . Our main motive is to promote women’s on big platforms and giving them ideas about how to earn easily for a healthy living , and complete their needs and their family needs. Our main motive is to provide jobs to more and more women and provide them a better place to work .

Nowadays women are only involved in household work because they are not getting a safe and better place to work. Women’s safety is our main aim. Women are the pride of our nation. Making a safe place for women will help them to work peacefully without any hesitation and worries about their safety , providing them flexible timings with a lot of benefits  for their help.

Even women should be allowed to start their life better, even they should be able to start earning for themselves. A working woman can help support her family financially, emotionally and save them from hard times. The more number of earning hands will increase the family’s income and help them live a good life.

Going to work every day and completing the day’s task boosts the confidence of women, which helps them work harder .The women by going out to work become confident and also independent. They no longer depend on the male member of the family to bring money.

Finally, got the Job!