Can do Delivery Job without a Driving License?

Delivery Job

Yes, you can do a delivery job without having a driving license.

Many delivery companies offer jobs from the cycle in that you do not need a license

And also if you are looking for Motorbike only some companies provide the delivery job by bike only but they do not ask for your license in those companies you can easily apply for the delivery job and can do it without a license.

But if you are driving a two-wheeler whether it is a bike/scooter you should apply for a license and have the license because it is against the law to derive a two-wheeler or four-wheeler without having a license.

There are several agencies also who will guide you on how to apply or make an id for any delivery job you can connect with them they will tell you the delivery job according to your city and they also let you know if you do not have a license whether you can join the delivery job or not.

If you want to apply for the delivery job you can also check the jobs we have 

Delivery jobs available

If you do not have a license but looking for a delivery job then also you can apply for the job. We will contact you and let you know whether there is any vacancy available where you can do the delivery job without a license

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Finally, got the Job!