Making your earning easy!! NO PAYMENT REQUIRED

What we are expecting?

We are expecting you to help us to make india

Fully Employed


You can aware women, student , or any one searching for job about us
We will provide you incentives on every joining.


Who can join us ?

  • NGO’s working on women employment , or women empowerment and women welfare or helping other to get job can contact us we will provide them jobs easily according to there potential with several other benefits.

What you’re getting?

Incentives on every joining

On every person you recommend who get recruited, you will receive the fixed amount. When they will join and start working

Donation for your NGO

We wil give donation for your NGO . Few percent of our profit because of of your NGO will be given to you as donation.


We will promote your NGO on different platforms and even on our THE JOBZILLA website so that more people can get to know about your NGO.







Q. What are the financial terms and incentives involved ? Terms and Conditions?

in this process of referring candidates, you can earn an extra income and your candidate can have employment. candidate will have salary from Zomato Swiggy Shadowfax from our clients wherever he/she joins. and you will get profit from Galaxy Networks attaching profit pdf as well

Q. What is the guarantee percentage that the people will get job and be paid ( will this be covered in the intro session)

in delivery segment we require only documents like Aadhar, Pan Card and a bank account’s passbook, Driving License if he/she has two wheeler or if not then delivery from cycle is the option. an android phone is a must for a candidate who can read addresses and deliver things accordingly.

Q. Are we just supposed to connect the people with you or we are supposed to do the initial screening?

Basically you have to pitch for joining Zomato, swiggy, Shadowfax to your people who so ever is interested in this delivery segment then you have to make sure about his/her joining.

Q. Any minimum number of partners you are expecting from us?

No we are not expecting any minimum numbers, but we assume that if a person is showing interest in this then he/she must have some connection to fulfill the requirements of the candidate. whenever you find someone interested for delivery kind of jobs just help us to get onboard to that needy person

Q. Any other specific commitments from our side required?

No, there is no boundation from our side.

Q. What is the tenure of the job ( will these details be covered by the client itself during intro)

As of now there is not any tenure for delivery jobs as you know this is not a career option people do this for part time or full time just to fulfill their monetary requirements.

Q. Will you be sharing any forms or we are just supposed to give your number to the interested people to join?

Yes once you get onboard with us, we will share a google link with you, in that you are required to fill your candidate details so that our team member can apply for his/her job in required company and that person will be counted in your profit by filling details in google sheet.MOOL

Q. How do you plan to track all this?

we have a good tech support for this by sharing google link with you and filling by your side, we will get to know that person is from your side and then we will share a tracker with you so that you also know how that person is working with company, how many orders he/she has completed on that basis we will share your remuneration.

Finally, got the Job!