Delivery job Available For Women

Delivery job for women

Is Delivery Job for women?

There is always a setback that women can not do this but nowadays women excel in every field but delivery jobs or the delivery sector are always the sector which dominates the job for male.

You can often see these types of ads for delivery jobs

Either has in the title which indicates boys or in the description, they mention only for men’s nowadays also most of the company only prefer men for the delivery and also society many time does not accept women’s delivery person.

But now the industry is changing and society is also changing status shows that 67,900 working in this industry till 2019 and the no is still growing.

Many women state that they are happy and feel independent and they also say that society is taking one more step towards equality.

Companies offering Delivery Jobs to women

  1. Zomato
  2. Swiggy
  3. Flipkart
  4. Amazon


In which Cities they can apply?

Although society is expecting women delivery persons and companies also now have no problem but still, there are very few cities in which women can apply for delivery jobs mostly are the metro cities in which vacancies are available, In the small town there are still no vacancies for women companies are working in these to increase no of cities as well as no of women hiring in the cities which have vacancies. Hopefully, soon we will see a change in this industry and more job vacancies for women in every city.

Requirements of the companies?

  1. Should know how to drive two wheeler
  2. Have a driving license
  3. Have a bank account
  4. Know Hindi/English any language
  5. Should learn some safety techniques
Finally, got the Job!