Is this safe for Women?

is this safe for women

Safety is a major concern when it comes to women working. Especially in delivery jobs where they have to travel to deliver food or other packages to someone’s house, safety comes as a major hurdle. However, the companies understand this concern which is why they have a very transparent and strong system in place for the safety of women delivery partners. Whether it is for a food partner like Zomato or Swiggy they provide GPS tracking system that allows the company to track the location of each delivery rider. This ensures that the women are safe and their location is known at all times. Each delivery rider has the option to choose the order that they want to deliver. So this ensures complete transparency in the orders being given.

Acknowledging the monthly trouble that women go through, various companies are now offering Menstrual leaves to women. Delivery jobs not only offer you good earning and leave but also ensure you are healthy and fit. Companies provide health insurance to all their delivery partners as well their families .The safety of our delivery partners is of utmost importance to us. Measures like ‘safe zones’ and capping delivery hours at 6 PM for females. They have the option to decline deliveries if they deem an area to be unsafe.

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