What is the right time to do the Internship?

what is the right time to do an internship

The right time for doing an internship is during your graduation time during your summer break or you can do a part time internship with your college. It will give you exposure to the corporate world as well as it will give you practical knowledge also.

So the best time for gaining some practical skills and knowledge of the corporate world is after completing your school studies.

An internship is the best option for this to know more about this.

There is no right time, earlier the better. Internships give you so much exposure in a very less amount of time.You should start as early as possible. The more you engage yourself in real world experience before you graduate , the better understanding you will get.Ideally you should start applying around 4 months or more prior to your desired start date of internship .Companies normally look for an intern during sem breaks . Some are even open to virtual/remote internships.Most of the students do internships during their summer vacations. The most popular time is the summer vacation after 3rd year and before final year.Many students¬† do apply and intern after their second year also.Overall summer internships are much more common than winter internships the reason being that the winter vacation is usually too short for any student to contribute significantly. Summer internships are often an important part of a student’s educational experience and can provide several benefits in terms of furthering your career. Through networking and research, you should decide on which internships you will apply for and begin the application process as early as November and no later than January. Many summer internships are competitive and have multiple applicants vying for the position. The earlier in the year you apply, the more likely you are to be considered for the internship.

Finally, got the Job!