What are White Collar Jobs?

white collar internship

White-collar jobs typically require a higher education degree. These professionals may need a minimum of a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree to secure a job. The more credentials a job candidate holds, the greater their earning potential.

  • White-collar jobs usually take place in an office setting with a desk and computer. Employees in these jobs may travel overseas for work and interact with clients in multiple time zones and social settings, such as boardrooms, restaurants and conferences.
  • While white-collar employees may often use their hands to perform their job duties, such as type emails or sign contracts, they don’t rely on their physical abilities as much as blue-collar employees do. 
  • Manual labour requires greater physical energy, strength and coordination.
  • A white-collar job is one in which a professional works in an office environment and performs professional tasks that require specific training or education. 
  • White-collar employees often earn more than blue-collar employees or employees who hold a position involving trade or manual labor. White-collar positions typically require employees to have completed a certain level of education such as a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. 
  • These employees often work on a salary rather than receiving hourly wages, which is typical of many blue-collar jobs.

White collar workers may have improved working conditions and benefits packages, this type of labor is considered quite desirable. However, the stress level can also be quite high, and there is downward pressure on white collar pay levels as more of these positions face competition from lower-wage countries.

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