ngo super women

Taking initiatives towards women employment .We are trying our best to promote our SUPER WOMENS the pride of our nations. Womens  these days are only involved in household work. We will leave no stone unturned to prove to everyone that womens are not weak, we can do everything and anything we want to do .

In today’s era there is a need to understand the importance of women in society. Thus it has inspired me to write this blog on women. So I would like to dedicate this blog to all the  SUPER WOMEN out there.

We have seen so many superheroes and action heroes in the movies. We surely know who Spider Man ,Batman and Superman are. But do you remember a female superhero and can you name some of them? A real superwoman isn’t the one that is found in the movies but is found beside us.

A Superwoman is not the one who has superpowers but she is the one who can make any given power a superpower. Our generation is busy comparing a man and a woman. A woman wasn’t made to do everything a man could do but she was made for everything that a man can’t do.


“Superwoman in office and wonder woman in the house, she slays it like a queen”

Finally, got the Job!